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og:title - Dr Fiona Smith - Bushland Beach Medical Centre
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og:description - Medical Centre located in Bushland Beach, Townsville.
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twitter:title - Dr Fiona Smith - Bushland Beach Medical Centre
twitter:description - Medical Centre located in Bushland Beach, Townsville.
twitter:image - cache/com_zoo/images/Dr_Fiona_Smith_061b7557d8ab910d40b35788a19ba548.jpg


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Dr Fiona Smith

Dr Fiona Smith Dr Fiona Smith

Fiona completed her general and GP specialist training in Yorkshire , UK and has been working in Queensland for more than 20 years. She has lived and worked in the Bushland Beach area for 15 years. She has extensive experience in all areas of general practice and has a very strong focus on knowing generations within families and encouraging long term continuity of care. Fiona has particular expertise in all aspects of women's health care, including complex contraception problems. She is able to offer IUD insertions and implanon management. Fiona is keen to provide GP antenatal care and the follow up of newborns through their childhood milestones. She acknowledges the importance of childhood checks and immunisations and encourages all families to have a regular GP. Fiona is involved in training junior doctors following a career in General Practice, as well as selected students from the local medical school, and John Flynn scholarship students. Due to a strong following of long term loyal patients, there may be a delay in obtaining a non-urgent appointment. However, a thorough evaluation and honest opinion with appropriate follow up is offered in all consultations.

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