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og:title - About Us - Bushland Beach Medical Centre
og:type - article
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og:site_name - Bushland Beach Medical Centre
og:description - Medical Centre located in Bushland Beach, Townsville.
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twitter:title - About Us - Bushland Beach Medical Centre
twitter:description - Medical Centre located in Bushland Beach, Townsville.
twitter:image - images/page-images/about-us.jpg


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About Bushland Beach Medical Centre

Bushland Beach Medical Centre

Bushland Beach Medical Centre is a positive, enthusiastic and successful medical practice, striving to deliver excellence in health, continuing quality improvement and best practice medicine and clinical care.

Our VISION is to be known for outstanding service to our patients


  • Being the best at what we do
  • Acting with honesty and integrity
  • Open communication
  • Encouraging and recognising achievement and initiative
  • Respecting and caring about each other, our patients and the community

Our MISSION is to provide the highest standard of patient care, whilst incorporating a holistic approach toward diagnosis and management of illness.

We are committed to promoting health, wellbeing and disease prevention to all patients. We do not discriminate in the provision of excellent care and aim to treat all patients with dignity and respect.

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