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og:title - Dr Bruce Robertson - Bushland Beach Medical Centre
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og:site_name - Bushland Beach Medical Centre
og:description - Medical Centre located in Bushland Beach, Townsville.
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twitter:title - Dr Bruce Robertson - Bushland Beach Medical Centre
twitter:description - Medical Centre located in Bushland Beach, Townsville.
twitter:image - cache/com_zoo/images/Dr_Bruce_Robertson_f66c564d0fcd6d12148e9c42dbfefb8a.jpg


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Dr Bruce Robertson

Dr Bruce Robertson Dr Bruce Robertson

Dr Robertson is not taking new patients at this time.


Graduated in Manchester, England in 1988, Bruce moved to Australia in 1989, worked in Maryborough, Darwin and Gove, then returned to the UK to complete GP training working in Herefordshire and Blackpool. Emigrated to Townsville in 1995 where he met and married his wife Fiona, then spent 2 years with the Royal Flying Doctor service before settling back in Townsville in 2000, working at Bluewater Medical Practice and continuing to do weekly clinics for the RFDS until 2006. Bruce has worked at Bushland Beach Medical Centre since it opened in 2006. Bruce lives locally with 2 children, 2 cats and 2 border collies. Bruce has a keen interest in all aspects of General Practice and family medicine.

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